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Fiesta online gladiator build

fiesta online gladiator build

Grundlegendes zum Krieger Der Krieger hat in Fiesta zwei grundverschiedene Rollen zu erfüllen. Das Tanken, also das Einstecken des. fiesta Online Fighter guide and tips . Best Build for Knight: 33 Dex Rest End. Best Build for Glad: 50 Dex. Pure STR: This is build gives your gladiator a high boost in damage This is broad but having blue/orange gear in any fiesta server, being it.


Fiesta Online: Gladiator fiesta online gladiator build

Fiesta online gladiator build - lohnt sich

Tyvm, I appreciate it. Bloody Gem Goblin fruit vanilla Rings tutorial jewelry set Irys jewelry set Bloody Gem Ring of Chaos echo of the ocean. Servers vary, that is why all I'm doing is giving people possible builds to choose from. Of course, there are many more builds that any player can create. For a DD char, be it Knight or Glad, empowering Cooldown on this skill does it justice. Not only reducing its Cool Down, but also increasing its effect. Now for those who seek the absolute power, they just want to destroy everything and kill the enemy as fast as possible. Zusätzlich gibt es pro Punkt 0. Recht viele DDs bevorzugen diesen Build. Just to KO those annoying mages that kite you in their Sun Set. Joker Guide Joker Skills Joker Waffen Joker Rüstungen Joker Sets. Additional Guide Tips Welcomed! Discharge Releases one handed sword blast.

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